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A pillow fight can cost a city a lot of money to clean up after.  If you don't believe us just check out this article on last years SF pillow fight from the SFGate.  Granted they have a tough job with thousands of pillow pugilists, but we'd like to do our best to do this right this first time around.  

We want to adopt the Burning Man philosophy of LEAVE NO TRACE.  Feathers of Fury organizers will bring out some big black garbage bags and latex gloves to pass out to help deal with the aftermath.  

How can you help?

-Use pillows that won't bust. 
-Set a good example and Encourage others to help.
-When you are finished with a garbage bag, leave it next to the nearest trash receptacle.

Items to bring that will be extremely useful.:
Extra Garbage Cans
Gas-powered Leaf Blowers
Large Push Brooms



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