What is this?

In the great American slumber party tradition inspired by SF's The Great Pillow Fight, it's been decided that Downtown San Jose needs to jump in on the fun. A few of us got together and started to spread the word around town through blogs, tweets, FB and IMs and it has been spreading like wildfire.  San Jose needs events like this to thrive so we can enjoy and live healthier lives all while loving our City.  A little bit of laughter can go a long way.  Thanks to the playful minds of SF for paving the way.

How long will it last?
No one knows.  Well, it'll start at noon, but believe me when I say swinging a pillow can take a lot out of you and so can a a few goosedown thwaps to the face. So really San Jose,  that all depends on you.

Will it get out of hand?
Probably not, but that all depends on you.  This is our event.  When I say OUR I mean the beautiful playful citizens of the 10th largest city in the United States.  If you coming to PLAY ... then tell all your friends and share the same vibe with them.  If you are coming to FIGHT ... then simply you are coming for the wrong reason.  We have good faith that San Jose's GOT THIS!

Where will it be held?
All that we can tell you today is that it'll be held Downtown San Jose.  More information about the event will be released here and on our Twiiter the day before.  Parking is a pain.  If you can walk, take the VTA, or even ride a bike. Some of our friends from the Eastside of San Jose have setup up a bike ride that you can join.

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