Time to wake up ...

We are 6 days away from pillow mayhem.

Welcome back fellow pugilists and greetings to those joining the fray.  Feel free to explore the blog. There are lots of links, pics, videos, survival tips, and a few jumps to related events.  Visit the FB event page to get the latest news.

Facebook Event - Invite your friends and frenemies.

A bicycle ride to the fight from WEST SAN JOSE

RIDEESSJ, a group that rides regularly once a month, will be leading a ride from EAST SAN JOSE

<---Visit the blogs to the left who will surely be posting deals and tips on how you can enjoy your Sunday afternoon after the pillow fight.

There is even some buzz that some of SJ's favorite foodtrucks will be making a special appearance.

See you all Sunday!  Remember to check back Sunday morning for the location of the event.  It will not be released until 12:01 AM.  Accuweather forecast says sunny.

Explore the site and get in the know!! 


  1. Hi
    I want know where is Pillow fighting, I am very excited about Pillows fight. but i think i will be a prank to all one.. lolzz.


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